Most of us remember report cards in school. Some may recall an exciting experience, a chance to confirm greatness, a time to shine. Others might not want to remember them at all or repress that experience into a deep, dark part of the soul that is only shared with a best friend or puppy (and maybe those are the same person right now #quarantine). Regardless of how we felt about report cards, their intent was simple: feedback equals improvement.

In the contingent labor space, the equivalent to the report card is the Supplier Scorecard. MSP program teams produce these based…

Thinking differently about your suppliers can make you money and avoid a zombie apocalypse

Contingent labor programs that treat suppliers as untrustworthy enemies ultimately fail. Where suppliers are engaged as a valuable extension of the program, ALL the good things can happen.

We’ve all seen them — old school, “no hiring manager contact” contingent labor programs. Suppliers scramble to upload candidates into a vendor management system (VMS) job order to hit an arbitrary speed-to-submittal metric, crossing their fingers that their awesome candidate matches their best guess about what the hiring manager actually wants and needs (by the way, managers don’t…

Kelly Boykin

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